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white and black Together We Create graffiti wall decorCommunities are great. I’ve been part of creative communities. The most actives are two highly helpful writing communities, my lovely friend’s story community, my own tiny story/doodle community and the wonderful WordPress community. While the writing communities honed my writing skills, WordPress community enhanced and polished my confidence in speaking skills . The splendid story community introduced me to the magical world of stories which basically inspired me to start my own tiny collective and conduct workshops which still stumps me on how I manage to do it. That’s the power of communities.

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It surprises me how I managed to remain active in so many communities.

Writing communities did what creative writing classes didn’t do. Peer feedback from seasoned writers improved my confidence in writing and evolved me into taking more risks as a writer. I always recommend writing communities to the writers looking for feedback on their work. At the same time, I’m also a little wary of them. Because after some time, you tend to repeat yourself and the community sometimes supports you and your mediocrity, just because you are part of the community and they like you. Sometimes, communities become more than the reason you joined the community in the first place and stay there for all the wrong reasons. And that can be a pretty little problem.

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Sometimes you stay in the community for all the wrong reasons which can be a problem.

As you age, you get more awkward and conscious of fitting in. You’d rather not go out at all. But once in awhile, it’s good to get out.

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LOVE to stay indoors, but you should go out to meet civilization from time to time.

While the writing community welcomed me with warmth, story club embraced me and WordPress made me kickass, I felt a little left out in drawing community and dancing community. While I was strongly motivated to improve my writing and confidence with interest for personal and professional growth since I work as a writer, and speaking better is an important skill,  strangely and sadly I found I wasn’t actually fitting in drawing and dancing communities. Maybe there’s something wrong with me? Maybe these community managers need to be better? Or maybe, I need to love the craft more.

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Even though I found myself a little left out in the dancing community, I like to think I can burn the dance floor with my moves.

I’ve also tried standup comedy and that was kinda horrible experience but the changing landscape around the city and the world prompts me to give it a try again. Please note, I’ve been telling people I will join standup comedy for more than a year. Nope haven’t joined.

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I also like to think I am funny.

There is also music community in which I’m really really interested but I feel that community smells of snobbishness. Sigh. Maybe the biggest problem I have is with people. Which is funny and ironic since I’ve been feeling lonely lately. I am someone who enjoys being alone so you can imagine my annoyance.

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You’re not lonely if you can count on yourself. Sponge Bob gives great life lessons.

Sigh, and the human is a social animal. And being part of a community is dealing with people. People who share the same interest as you, and yet you realise you cannot connect with them, which I think is what’s happening with these new places I’m trying to join. Oh, the sweet irony. And that’s why I need to be with people, maybe I’ve met way too many people though I like to think otherwise (a few people mentioned I know more people which I feel is not true. I know different set of people who know WAY too many people and strangely I’m highly jealous of them).

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I try to be so likable that I look like I’m a creepy dude on drugs. That’s also called people anxiety. It’s not great having it.

Maybe I need to love the art more, maybe I need to give people a chance, maybe I need to stop making you the reader wary of communities and inspire you to just go out, and experience it on your own because that is so very important. WordPress community, story community and writing community in their way shaped me and moulded me. I am thankful for that, even though there were trying times, and yes there were some really trying times. Go out there and meet all kinds of snobbish, entitled, wonderful and, weird people these different communities have to offer and have a good time. Or have an okay time and love the art more because it’s always what you take away from any experience, be it good or bad that matters.

So out you go, and so will I.

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