Library of illusions by Junji Ito

library of illusions

Library of illusions by Junji Ito is a story about a mansion full of books owned by a man and a husband with a bad childhood.

When the set up is library, boy you get excited as a plot line that derives the story from one of the best location is bound to make you giddy. Libaries if you think about it, are mysterious. There is silence, with each tip toe emanating a sound that stay with you. Echo. There is inherent Gothic vibes in a library that remains unshakable. When you have a short story by the master storyteller, you are bound to be brimming with excitement on what lies ahead. And let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint at all.

Library of illusions is a story about insanity in a family, to be precise, a descent to madness of a man. You can say the supernatural elements play a part, but it is the psychological ramifications, and the journey towards the inevitable that stays with you. 

The narration by the wife takes us into the weird world of her husband who slowly embarks into scary fantasy world and slowly into a point of no return. It’s about insanity. How insanity affects near and dear ones, is what this little comic explores and it gives us a peek into the wild world of incredible chaos. Your protagonist is a wife, witnessing the grief of watching her husband self destruct.

The set up of a library is mysterious and fun along with a pacey build up, and a poignant conclusion. While the end can be not a major reveal, the reflection of a state of mind in the short pages of art is impactful enough to recommend this to all the readers. Give this short story a read.

It’s an attractive plot line revolving around library which holds the entire short comic tight, and readable. 

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