An Old Palace of Memories – Short Story on Friendship (258 Words)

A lover’s paradise Siddharth thought while walking through an old mansion. It must have been a beautiful palace once. Now as the foundation crumbles and trees take over the walls, the ruins bring out a raw beauty of its own. 

As the sun was setting, it looked as if it was melting, spreading a tinge of orange colour in the sky. Siddharth always found the scene fascinating, that’s why he used to come here often. He wondered though why many didn’t visit this place, and often had to drag his friends here. 

The mansion was a metaphor of his life, alone but not lonely. Coming here so often the dirty old ruin became an unlikely ally in his life. A constant. Today as he smoked, his young body shivered as the cold wind rattled his bones. Time to say goodbye. As he started his car’s engine, Siddharth looked once again at the mansion and stood there for some time. Remembering all his lovers and friends, colleagues and the acquaintances he locked alive inside a secret safe underground without air,  food, and water with utter darkness for the company for the last 10 years or so.  

He had no friends, but this mansion was always there to support him when he was stuck in grief, listening to him, and taking care of everyone who hurt Siddharth. As the small moment passed, Siddharth knew it was time to leave the country and say goodbye to his friend the mansion and the many heartaches they brought with him.


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