Superman Red Son Review 2020: Watch it

Superman: Red Son takes on an alternate Universe with entertaining angle and lots of twists that makes this a highly entertaining and watchable movie.

Superman in new Avatar

The American made movie has USSR origin Superman.  I liked the movie, but it didn’t stick to its original comic which is understandable with strong women dialogs thrown in challenging the status quo of the original. I welcome the move of making women character stronger, let big boys cry if they have problem with that because in the comic, you get Wonder Woman be all about Superman, which is meh.

Changing the nationality of the Man of the Steel brings real life dictators to life like Stalin and brings out Superman’s another side which is fun to watch. What makes interesting is the way the Superman handles the situation and dons an all new role of making the wrong right, and taking a stand.

In the movie the antagonist is the US which is only, yes the ONLY nation to stand against the Superman and his USSR regime. Which side you are on takes a different meaning as in the Movie, as USSR is a strong nation with allies all over the globe and only the US, lead by Lex Luthor is standing against him, and Superman’s dream.

Superman-RedSon02.jpg (1200×675)

Apart from a new role reversals, we also have Batman & Wonder Woman, both also originated from USSR. The conflict is the highlight, but what I loved were the introductions for both of them. A movie that brings Batman’s deductive abilities in clarity in it’s full glory is always going to be a favorite. You also have green lantern, and an epic fight scene in the skies which is again entertaining.

Batman in red son.jpg

One reason or the other, the US doesn’t get along with USSR and the Superman. That’s the gist of the relationship and the story. The fact that, this is the major plot-line, and because USSR is ‘evil’ is why I have a problem. You know that the US by that time is gonna flourish soon, only because it is standing against Superman.

Batman-from-Superman-Red-Son.jpg (1988×944)

Comics derives influence from reality, and here again the US paints itself in righteous picture with Lex Luthor spearheading the torch with his extreme influence and a strong contender with mostly questionable and evil means. Which you can find it predictable.

While the USSR leadership in the world thrives with Superman taking an aggressive stance, it turns him into a dictator himself. His goodness can easily misunderstood for misplaced righteousness.  Giving the American still standing an arc of resilience, was a little too much I personally thought, since or especially when we have incompetent morons running the country in reality, yes I meant as Trump.

If you think why I am bringing present politics into the picture then you cannot ignore this entire premise of the movie (that also has Stalin!) is cold war, politics with heavy doses of nationalism decoyed as patriotism. Yes much like our current global political climate.

Fairy Dharawat Blog

From the comic Superman Red Son

In the movie, the America thrives eventually and doesn’t kneel before USSR. Okay. But we are talking about world politics here where diplomatic ties and sanctions are powered into incompetent hands, so the movie felt like how the Trump called the corona virus, initially…a hoax.

Anyways, too much ruminations from the uneven shaky political world leaves an uneasy taste. In the war, no one is tainted innocent, and the stories are written by the winners and rulers, never the failures. I read somewhere which is the only truth about the History we read. Does it mean the art that we consume is corrupted by the rulers of the world with questionable motives? Let’s not get into that.

Back to the movie.

The do gooder with an intention of only the best is transformed with steely resolve, and dons a cap of a Dictator. Superman has never faced the ideological clashes of staggering means, and it captures the conflicts in a clearest possible way.

It was fun to watch Lex Luthor becoming a strong contender and standing on the other side of the justice and the face offs between them were highlight. The movie in its entirety is so emotional. You might cry if you cry easily. The scenes with Svetlana were just too emotional. DC movies make you cry, since when!

Svetlana emotional scene.jpg

A movie with strong plot that deals with fascism, self righteousness, and nationalism in equal doses, the movie is well timed in 2020.  Making a movie that discovers new relationships among old friends and then tied up to older chemistry  (Superman & Batman, Superman & Loise Lane, Superman & Lex Luthor) brings a new dimension to each character which is purely entertaining.

Watch it.

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