Interview Questions Unlocked! Guide on answer template for interview questions

man using MacBookMost of us will be going out for finding work, and so I have compiled a list of questions which usually tend to be asked. I’ve noted down answers for reference which tend to be in one way or the other, but the gist tends to stay the same. Be it in questions or in answers, confidence is the key but presentation matters. When it comes to what to say, here is the template.All the besties for job hunting, you will do good. When you believe it, and practice, good things happen. Let’s dive into some of the questions, HR and interview folks love to ask.

What are you looking for?

person holding magnifying glass

I’m looking for a change. After working as a writer for around 7 years mostly on my own with hardly any interaction with the creative team (my job was research and write blog posts for clients like HR Johnson and DATA Resort), I’m actively looking forward to working with an enthusiastic creative team which also inspires me to get better. In my previous company, I was working as the only writer and it got lonely. I am looking for growth and a good bunch of people who help me reach my creative potential.
I write what I am actually looking for honesty matters, show genuineness. 

What can you Offer?

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Apart from the usual enthusiasm, hard work and dedication, my experience working in the somewhat similar industry (Digital Advertising) ensures I know the dark side of the clients and to how to work tactfully around them. Also, working as a team is a very important trait which is I’ll be honest I am keen to work on since I didn’t get an opportunity in my last stint.
I have worked as a writer most of my professional life (one and a half years spent in HR company) so while I may not know ALL the tricks of the trade, I have seen and dealt with clients and delivered work in tight deadlines.
You offer value. Use this word ‘value’ yes you as an employee offers that. Remember that, and then add your responsibilities and what you achieved in your previous companies of work. Emphasis on accomplishments.

What are you up to?

silver corded microphone in shallow focus photography
I’m doing a talk on Content Marketing Basics at WordCamp Kochi 2018 in November 3, 2018 I draw and teach people to draw sometimes. Here’s my Instagram page with doodles. Also, I read and write for me sometimes.
Do interesting things. Tell interesting things. Always be there active in communities if you are looking for work. Networking is essential to get a job, but all what you tend to do, jot them down, and tell it in full glory. 
Kill it there in the interview!

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