Writing Tips – Crafting Compelling Conclusion for Blogs

MacBook Pro near white open bookDo you know what constitutes an impressive blog? a juicy absolutely fantastic mind blowing conclusion. Crafting a compelling conclusion is an art, here I’ll explain a bit more on it.

I’ve written for a little more than 7 years and conclusion is the single most important part of your writing, especially when you write blogs for brands with strong purpose of selling or bringing traffic.

Crafting Compelling Conclusions

Writing a compelling conclusion is an art which is why not many are able to crack it without seeming hackey, without a soul and totally out of sync with the reader. Conclusion requires a bit of persuasion, summarizing, and bringing subtly, and I repeat SUBTLY the point of the purpose of your blog post.

means you not only have an engaged audience from start to finish but you leave something to be desired for more in the mind of reader.

In a blog post if beginning is about building the brand, then conclusion is bringing in their attention and money. A thought-provoking question, or a challenge or a persuasive sentence can make your reader keep coming back for more and eventually you get their loyalty.

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Summarize. Summarize. SUMMARIZE.

The longer the post, the important it is to summarize. Go back to the point you were making it. Help the reader retain important information by summarizing and simplifying your point. Give an effective end to your stunning blog post. Summarize giving an proper fitting end to your blog post.

CTA is Your Best Friend. Use CTA Wisely

Call to Action (CTA) tackles the question of purpose and brings a nice little nudge on what you ultimately the author of the blog post want your coveted reader to you. Explain in the best possible way, your intention. Is it to make them come again, buy your product, or browse your website. Focus on your purpose, and tell your reader what they should do next. Guide them.

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Challenge or Question Your Audience

Start a discussion with your conclusion and throw a question or simply ask them their thoughts. Challenge them by telling them to do a simple task. For example for a confidence building blog, tell them to do a particular task of speaking to 3 strangers in a week, and then share their experience with you in the comments or DM.

Show them you care by telling them to engage with you. Successful conclusion is when your writing gives your reader ideas worth sharing. How about that as a parameter?


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