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Fairy Dharawat Blog Human Chair

Junji Ito Human Chair is a fascinating short comic

Human Chair is one of the first stand alone comics that introduced me to the horror storyteller Junji Ito. It was an experience. There were just so many things were that going on that taking into all of those feelings and emotions at one time required effort. Yes that is true, it took getting used to reading his work, and then admiring it.

The Human Chair is a short story by Japanese author and critic Edogawa Ranpo and was published in the October 1925. The short story is highly recommended due to it’s simplicity and eerie factor. The author of the original tale is worth exploring. Junji Ito took the short story and gave his spin on it which frankly is very entertaining and highly recommended.

Horrific. Check. Weird. Check. Cringe-worthy. Check. Entertaining. Check, check & CHECK! It is a very creepy story that goes back in time, and returns to the present going back and forth easily. Usually that is difficult to accomplish in writing.

Fairy Dharawat Blog Human Chair

Buying a new chair becomes a nightmare for our protagonist is all I can say about this gem of a horror comic. A simple chair with a history is been sold by a fellow, and he goes into an interesting little tale about it. You think it is haunting, but it is haunting of totally another level. This is what relatable content is all about. Buying a recliner or just about any embroidered, comfortable, lazy chair is never going to be the same again.


Maybe I like the story because it is about a writer, and that makes it HIGHLY RELATABLE! As a writer with sometimes writers block, Human Chair is a creepfest. So scary and weird. The magic lies in Junji Ito’s ability to bring relatable characters with so much ease it is wow.

It is funny if you try to describe it in some way, and highly most excruciatingly frightening in another way. Total cringe. It compels you  with so many thoughts all at once.

Fairy Dharawat Blog Human Chair

If you have any semblance of how stalking kills so many people from around the world, most of them are of course woman and children, you will realize why stalking is so bloody scary. The more you think about the cause the more scary it actually becomes. The story appeals to your grey cells very much. It also makes you question about boundaries., privacy and things like that. It makes you question things on a foundation level. Your thoughts on love will be questioned at the end of the comic.  If you think about it, this is a love story, oh dear. Yea some could believe that too.

Fairy Dharawat Blog Human Chair

Stalking is scary shit that happens all the time.  Ask any woman, and see their response. Stalking is one of the the scariest shit there is out there and cripples women’s freedom of movement. It makes them stop from leaving their homes in the major part of the world. It threatens their lives, constantly. Living in fear is dying every day every second of your life. So many people mostly women die due to the unbelievable nature of the entire problem of stalking and officers not taking the complaints seriously.

Junji Ito takes that fright of stalking and gives an entirely, I say ENTIRELY weird angle to it. A chair. A furniture, a super boring interior item that is found in just about every home you may encounter and weaves an unforgettable cringe-worthy comic about it.

No one dies in the comics due to unnatural causes, but so much is lost. That is the tragedy you can say. Or losing of hard work and identity, that can be a real tragedy you can say. Take your pick the story has a lot of these small elements that upon contemplating comes to the front.

You will think about that movie, It follows. If you are into horror than that movie did quite well, and it is scary and popular which means it made money. The fear is not facing the creature, but anticipating the facing of the creature. That level of dramatic uneven heartbeats and palpitation is a given when dealing with a stalker.

Again the master horror storyteller deals with an excitingly intricate art that gives you all the more reason to watch & read the comic again and again. The exceptionally weird plot of the story definitely hit a nerve and the writer of the original story Edogawa Ranpo stretched it amazingly well with an unimaginable ease.

Junji Ito always plays well with privacy and his imagination coupled with what is boundary around is fascinating. How much is too much. He deals with these tricky questions with amazingly well as he knows exactly the kind of emotion or the combination of emotions he wants his audience to have.

Tackling an issue like that and bring a story in a refreshing new format is wonderfully articulate. Packing all the complicated emotions in a neatly pocket size short comic is noteworthy.

Give this one a read and share your thoughts would love to know your thoughts on the comic short, and the review. You can read more about Junji Itou reviews  below.

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