Best Business Writing Practices

Best Business Writing Practice Fairy Dharawat Blog

First let’s discuss the why. Why is business writing important. But wait, the fact that you the reader is already here means you know! But still let’s go back a little and see whether we are on the same page because when you frame your question correctly, you get accurate answers. Let’s talk a bit about business writing importance.

Why is Business Writing Important

Best Business Writing Practices Fairy Dharawat Blog

Business writing saves time and gets things done quickly by effectively communicating your pain point. Writing emails with best business writing includes using persuasive copies with words that puts your ideas correctly and coherently. The most important bit is that a business writings – It commands a reply.

Answer the Why

Best Business Writing Practices Fairy Dharawat Blog

Be it email or a proposal copy, business writing has a strong Call to Action. Which means the author of the Business writing copy needs to figure out the W H Y of the writing, purpose of writing and why is the author writing in the first place. Here are some scenarios.

  1. Is it to get a response
  2. Share an idea
  3. Inform about fresh development
  4. Make a sale

Which is why being formal is very important. While there are many words you need to keep in your mind as you write, here are some words that can be used in your business writing. Keep in mind the intent is important as it will help in implementation.

Best Words for Business Writing

Best Business Writing Practices Fairy Dharawat Blog

Hello is the best ice breaker

This is of course a very small list, but these words are based on wanting information, asking for help, and getting your point across.

  1. Enquire
  2. Request
  3. Reserve
  4. Verify
  5. Receive
  6. Assist
  7. Request
  8. Apologise
  9. Commence
  10. Terminate/ Finish
  11. Endeavour
  12. Handle
  13. Inform
  14. Await
  15. Combat
  16. Consume
  17. Depart
  18. Difficult
  19. Express
  20. Inexpensive
  21. Initially
  22. Collaboration

The above list of words are important with intent, but you can take these words and use the below words without even a hint of worry.

Important Words for Business Writing

Memorize the best five words to use in your business copies which includes business writing, business proposals, business emails, and you will be sorted. The most important words in the business writing I’ve found while writing are below;

  1. We
  2. You
  3. Value
  4. Because
  5. Thank you

Business Writing is Best Communication Practice

Best Business Writing Practice Fairy Dharawat Blog

Phone call if emails don’t work

Communication is an important tool to get things done. Why do we need to hone our writing skill ? In an age of blowing our trumpet, thanks to social media, business writing spills over to your company’s Facebook pages and twitter accounts as well. So in the age of digital revolution, it’s important to know how to play with style and structure across different platforms to get desired results – engagement.

Business writing is not difficult, all you have to do is get acquinted with some fancy sounding good words that are formal. Online world is huge resource that can help you with it. The important skill is therefore to know about asking right questions regarding your writing. Once you know that, what kind of question to ask for writing a business copy, you will get abundant of resources that will make learning easy, and even fun.

Business Writing Best Practices Fairy Dharawat Blog

Drink Coffee. Start Writing.

So simply learn to identify your doubts on where you are facing problem in business writing and let Google give you best writing practices.


  1. Bring the point from first line itself
  2. Be thorough, to the point, and write short sentences
  3. Focus more on W H Y you are writing an email
  4. Save the time of your reader and cut the fluff
  5. Book on business writing can be a bore so instead read books on advertising make learning about writing fun

Take a look at my work and know why I am writing what I am writing. I’ve spoken about business writing at WordCamp Mumbai 2017.  Read a little more about me on About page! More stuff regarding writing can be found here on writing tips.
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