Uzumaki Manga Series by Junji Ito

 Uzumaki Manga Series Fairy Dharawat Blog

Uzumaki Manga Series is one of the BEST works from the master storyteller Junji Ito collection. If you look at the artwork, these hypnotizing spirals, you will cut some slack for the inhabitants as the entire town goes obsessed, and crazy due to a mysterious curse around spirals.

In Uzumaki, the fictional Japanese town of Kurōzu-cho in English translated to Black Vortex Town is cursed by supernatural events involving spirals. Everyone in the town is either obsessed or paranoid due to these seemingly pretty patterns of spirals.

It has some bloody gory chapters like one titled Mosquitoes, which keeps you haunting even after you take a short break to get over the graphic depiction of tragedy. It sticks with you, and you can’t help it. The human downfall is shown in one of the most believable way possible with rich story line and elaborate circumstance that grips you from the start. Trust me when I say even all the hullaboo around Junji Ito is right, and yet he is one of the underrated artist. Frankly the entire plot of Uzumaki is gut wrenching from start to finish and you are drawn into it due to the chapters ability to keep you hooked. 

The below image, is an iconic image that spectacularly brings out the brilliant plot of Uzumaki to life.

 Uzumaki Manga Series Fairy Dharawat Blog

I like the clean chapters of each and every small story that ties up neatly with a grand finale. The momentum and the amazing build up is textbook and I say textbook for learning the craft of storytelling. It is simple, consumable and highly entertaining.

Junji Ito has a knack for making the readers relate to the titular characters, and here it is no different. Your characters are high school love birds one of them a girl and another an emo boy who witness the descent to the madness. There are snails, rich poor romeo Juliet story, loads of satisfying suspense, evil in human form, and amazing AMAZING artwork.

 Uzumaki Manga Series Fairy Dharawat Blog

The hair raising tale of the hair getting out of control growing in spirals is as weird as is absolutely scary sucking the life force of you. This is another favorite chapter that is wow worthy because you need a certain kind of unique skill on making the most boring topic and bringing a refreshing perspective with terrifying result.

In Manga, people die. You get a jolt of a kind when the characters die gruesome deaths. When I read Uzumaki, I had started exploring the manga, and Uzumaki was wow because it showed highly relatable characters with death as sometimes a central theme. They would explore a varied range of emotions that lead from guilt to shame to creepy to downright cringe-worthy. Maybe that is why I like horror, there is range of emotions, involved that says it’s okay to be different.

Uzumaki 3 - Page 22 | Read manga online free, Good manga to read ...

Give Uzumaki a read and let me know your thoughts on the manga series that brought an amazing level of finesse in our cultural consumption of horror. For me reading Uzumaki was totally an invigorating experience and my apetite for the gruesome gory stories from the author just grew. If you enjoyed reading this piece, then consider reading other reviews too, and don’t forget to share your thoughts.

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