The Enigma Of Amigara Fault by Junji Ito

Wanting something so badly is human. Belonging somewhere, wanting to belong somewhere is also very very human. It is as human as it gets! Horror gets us because it plays around our fear of being left out, and here the master of manga horror does a flip side, and gives us a strange exotic story where a mountain is waiting for you to become one with it. Don’t you see the genius in it?

The Enigma of Amigara Fault is about a human silhouette carved in a mountain, with the exact shape and size of a person destined to discover. The chosen ones get dreams to find their silhouette in the Mountain of Amigara, and once they find it, they are compelled to go inside the mysteriously carved hole that fits for them.

The Enigma of Amigara Fault is a short horror manga story included at the end of grusome manga Gyo.

The few human emotions that we possess are sadness, fear, grief and the tragedy of not fitting in. Here you are given that concept of fitting in, in a literal senses with horrific consequences. You will realise the true meaning of the sentence when you watch the end panel.

That gut feeling is usually used in a positive way of helping us dodge a tragedy, but here it is contrary. This is a horror genre so you can expect certain level of gritty goriness, but the human element of wanting something so badly, and being unable to live is spectacularly shown. It’s compelling. It’s gritty. It’s Junji Ito’s best work.

A peculiar story with a short love story thrown in which I found wavered from the inventive genius of a plot, Amigara Fault is a crafty story with strong suspense and beautiful art. The reasoning and the explanation is not always required but Junji Ito does give us that satisfaction in the end but the conclusion is not the best part. It is the build up that is exemplary. You relate to the characters, and the tender love story that could have bloomed. You are drawn into the weird story of Amigara Fault, the short story from the start to the end.

I love love the Amigara Falls, and it’s amazing story from the horror writer. Give this one a read. Highly recommend it. I tend to read it repeatedly, it’s that good and engaging.

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