Scammy Sponsored Posts: Writer Edition

Scammy Sponsored Posts: Writer Edition Fairy Dharawat Blog

Clients may find the contents of the post to be harsh. But someone needs to say something concrete about sponsored posts and the menace it is. Yes you heard it right. Sponsored posts are a menace and needs to be called out for what it is – a scam.

Sponsored post never gets my engagement unless it’s aesthetically pleasing, like a gorgeous dress. Even then, I refrain from buying it, since I already have my cupboard spilling over. That’s why shady online businessmen like our very own Zucker boy, wants to hear our conversations and then bombarded us to buy. ALL.THE.TIME. That way eventually we’ll get tired and give in and buy stuff we don’t need and fuel capitalism. Yay!

Eavesdropping apps and other delightful nuggets

It happened to me just like most people. I didn’t even think of buying noise cancellation headphones, but at the point of purchase moment, while buying a new laptop, I was intrigued to experience it. The next day when I open my Instagram I get noise cancellation headgear as a sponsored post. It’s so apparent since only IG and WhatsApp has my microphone on. Was I creeped out by the post? At first, yes, absolutely, but my paranoid thoughts finally got evidence. I’ve been reading about social media apps using our shiny smartphone to eavesdrop on our conversation and now I had my very own story to share. Splendid.

The conclusion backed by personal observation is that brands aided by social media platform are listening to us.

IG is still a little better than Facebook, since it doesn’t blind you with shiny ads of perfect dresses un-available in your sizes. It gets repeatative and you blame yourself for getting distracted and not the tiny monster inform of cookies that track your every online step and pop up ads that refuse to let it go. It might be a good idea to be paranoid, but I digress.

Social Media giant platforms have made it possible to make users share information easily and even willingly. Brands have a chance to listen to the chatter, and personalize communication for maximum impact and high ROIs. Information is right here at our fingertips. Users are constantly talking, and brands can listen to consumers.

So are brands listening? Yes. Kinda. Okay, not really.

Are they acting on the information and handling it at an optimized pace? Not really.


Because brands aren’t listening. Humanity has way too much information and doesn’t know what and how to go ahead with that information! Social Media platforms are slick, but not as slick. Not yet. And the platform pedals the weird useless info to the brands. And brands don’t know what to do with a users research on retro dresses even though there is no party any where near you stay for atleast 3 months. The platforms just be saving it for apocalypse, who knows.

People are weird. Users are weird. Algorithms don’t have to be weird. Rather they have a peculiar purpose of translating weird behavior and turning them into hot returns.

The truth is algorithms are not the only parameter to get success returns.

We have information. We know how to collect it. Hell, we have transformed the way we collect micro and macro information and innovated like CRAZY and we have tons and tons of data at our disposable. We know what they want, when they want, how they want. And yet, our sponsored posts makes no money.

We are saturating the market by focusing only on one demographic keeping the wider area of tier 2 tier 3 and tier 4 cities at bay (Tik tok may change that, eventually).


What we are doing is bombarding the same thing to same people who WE PREDICT through questionable algorithm will buy again. We are milking them, harassing them. We are doing the opposite of what we promise them to do. We are targeting the same people for all our promotions. We are not paying attention.

We need to reach out to new people and pay attention to information they want to share.

Sponsored Posts DOES NOT equal to Money. Sorry.

These giant ass online big wigs are going to twist and twirl privacy and sell things. It’s an desperate attempt to make money. But are the brands spending tons of money getting ROI? Or is it getting lost in the engagement which honestly is not the ‘ONLY’ point of advertisement? Money is and remains a top priority.

Us mere mortals running away from that tiny text reading ‘Sponsored’ continues to get LESS eyeballs. As the consistency of non-sponsored posts reduces, so reduces the engagement because lets face it organic reach is a joke. The platforms meanwhile will arm-twist novice business to throw more money in the digital abyss. Why I do have this bleak interpretation of the online market space for a small business venture? All I can say is have an average Facebook/Instagram/Twitter business page and see dipping engagement, I have done it on your behalf, and you know what? Its tear-inducing.

What is the use of online business card inform of websites and social media pages then? Most of the online advertising benefits in building awareness about a specific product and build brand. Take for example your local business of selling skill. It absolutely benefits from word of mouth. An online identity is going to leverage it and even enhance it attracting new people. An ad with a purpose, an ad that works.

And it’s pretty basic. Advertising is to share knowledge about the product while highlighting its benefits. That’s it. Painful to watch brands throw money into the drain and then throwing tantrums saying they aren’t getting enough engagement and sales.

So do I encourage spending more money on digital identities for average to midsize companies even though its a MUST at this day and age? My answer is crisp. NO.

Go out, meet people, show your work, and make the digital work for you. No other way around. Be mindful of your spending on your online & offline businesses.

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Traditional Media is WAY better than sponsored posts.

It makes money, that’s why. Traditional media gets neglected, or not utilized at its best. Me spending two grand is going to get mostly robots to get likes and engagement, but if I spend a bit more, real people with interest can actually have a look at my product.

So much can be done in outdoor hoardings, experience-oriented outdoor campaigns have tremendous potential which brand managers are refusing to ascend only because they worry they won’t get instant gratification the numbers bring. And these are the same suit-wearing, hoodie wearing decision-makers who want ‘disruptive’ advertising. Pity. They go conservative when a real impactful message can be conveyed. I found a few case studies for you to explore and introspect how these big companies are going traditional while they, on the other hand, want you to SPEND SPEND SPEND your money.

Here’s Spotify acing the traditional medium like a boss.

Scammy Sponsored Posts: Writer Edition Fairy Dharawat Blog
Image reference from the internet

LinkedIn going out and getting the attention of their target audience.

Scammy Sponsored Posts: Writer Edition Fairy Dharawat Blog
Image reference from the internet

Zomato striking at its best in the outdoor campaigns.

Scammy Sponsored Posts: Writer Edition Fairy Dharawat Blog
Image reference from internet
Check out more here.

Google and their simple effective outdoor campaign #LookBeforeYouLeave

Scammy Sponsored Posts: Writer Edition Fairy Dharawat Blog
Image reference from the internet

These are big-league brands leveraging traditional mediums to optimize their online business and needless to say they are thriving. They realize to capture the audience they have to go where their audience tend to spend the time; Outdoors.

So where does this take the digital marketing world and sponsored posts?

It becomes imperative we as users, writers, brand owners engage with our business mindfully. Stop incessant spending on the online world, and harass our consumers by showing them their last purchase. AI is magic, it still makes goof ups. A customer buying water cooler is not gonna buy it again! And amazons algorithm doing that is only going to make it more annoying for the user. So what’s the solution?

If you are a brand then, spend money wisely. Listen to your writers (the kind that’s writing this). You did research for best agencies, right? So now trust them! And for the love of God, stop proudly proclaiming you munch numbers for breakfast.

We are in an industry of words and persuasion. While numbers allure, its communication that gets the glory, gets the customer, gets the SALE! Not the digital numbers based on twisted algorithms on social media platforms because you know, …(whispers) *you can always buy them* & *everyone knows you buy them*


Too long didn’t read? No problem. The gist is –

  1. Sponsored posts don’t always translate to successful brand recognition or money.
  2. Big social media platforms aren’t delivering on what they promised. True Story!
  3. Pay attention to users, & trends and then build pipeline of posts they WANT in their lives.
  4. Trust your writers more than algorithms because writers have ideas, algorithms don’t.
  5. Going traditional may mean going innovative may mean clutter breaking mean MONEY!

And that’s about it. Easy right? Save money to make more money!

Or to simplify even more, stop getting aggravated by wasting money on useless sponsored posts because no one tends to read them and the only one going to the bank happy are silicon valley dude bros.

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Thanks for reading till the end, if you have any query for marketing and content related queries share them here on comment or ask me at my About Me page and share over there. We are all constantly learning lets make this learning process enjoyable 🙂

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