How to Write Engaging Content

Fairy Dharawat Blog How to write Engaging Content

Engaging content should stay, and linger long after it’s been read. It should be evergreen, an easy classic. Makes you want to read it, all over again. It should captivate the reader, and bring an immeasurable value to their life. Content thus can only become engaging if you enrich the reader’s life.

Engaging content takes time, research and a tiny part of soul. Alright it doesn’t take your soul, but it definitely takes time. Engagement takes time.

An artist takes time to build their masterpiece. A content creator is an artist because they are creating an art worth spending time and connect on a deeper, thoughtful level. That’s why the content creator MUST invest time to build a unique, valuable piece of art that stays evergreen always remembered, never forgotten. Noted down are ways through which you can entertain & delight your audience by creating that unique, engaging, content that stays with them.

Fairy Dharawat Blog How to write Engaging Content

Let’s begin the journey of writing, researching and dissecting engagement worthy content.

Read, then Write

I will always play the flute of reading more than writing which will crystallize the best practices of writing more, writing better, and writing engaging.

Read. Then read some more. Read what you find engaging. Let me rephrase it. Read what YOU find engaging. One more time. Read what you find ENGAGING!

Did you see the difference? Let me clarify if you got my point, and hammer it again because it is just so important. Read what fascinates you makes you jump with joy and you find interesting.

Find the Subject that Interests YOU

Why it is important? You need to make your reader feel warm and welcomed with your copies and content and writing, and no matter what you call it, engagement will only come if you are passionate, enthusiastic of your offering. So.

Find what you think is interesting and keep at it. Forever. But if you really need best way to write engaging copies then come to the point fast, use simple words, and try to shorten the sentences to put emphasis.

Research like a Researcher

Go in-depth. Research becomes a playground if you like what you are doing, so it is very important that you have an inclination of writing on the topic. Yes you don’t have to be absolutely in love to write about a particular topic, but it does make the writing and research easy and fun. If you aren’t thrilled about the topic, research may get monotonous and that is the best case scenario.

You have to research and read and know inside out of your topic before even thinking your raw thoughts out there for people or bots to look. See I am all for make mistakes and learn, but reading researching is a very very important activity where there is just no escape. Research. That’s it. You will see ideas will come out all around you, and you will never find no idea content writing block ever. Mark my words. Read more, and research.

Headline MUST be Attractive to Click!

I am not talking about clickbaity title. Not at all. I am talking about an apt title that tells the reader what to expect in the best possible way. Title needs to be very very thorough and a lot of time needs to be kept for it to be the best. Try spending more time on it to get it right. You have headline analyser to help you start, and you must have some good friends to help you in this little situation of getting the right title because a headline is the first thing anyone is going to look at, so better make it the best. Try to have 7 to 10 options ready and choose the BEST!

Don’t forget to simplify too, like I did with this post. How to write engaging content, there.

Error Free Copies

Write without making any kind of mistakes. Use online grammar checking tool to proofread your writing. While some mistakes are okay, writing error free copies is crucial to ensure your audience takes you seriously.

There are many places where you can get free online tools like Online Grammar editor and so on that can help you clean up your spelling errors, and aid in comma placements. Writing error free copies contrary to what non writers may think is not at all hard.

Fairy Dharawat Blog

Format is God

It makes complex information consumable making your article absolutely readable and easy to grasp. Use H2 & H3 in your blogs, use meta description and appropriate tags. Use Alt description for all your images.
All these small decisions bring a big difference.

Using proper format ensures structure which further ensures information is easily understood. Focus on making information comprehensible to wider audience. You can do it only with format. It can be using headings, tables, bullet points, paragraphs. Use them at their optimum level, and watch your content become popular. These decisions improve value of your content and eventually makes it popular, widening the consumer base.

Write What No One is Writing About

Sure so many things are out there that makes it information overload, but still there remains way too many topics not many people are documenting and writing about. If you manage to write something what no one is writing your engagement will shoot through the roof!

Simplify and Explain your Points

Keep it simple. Your message, your copy, your ideas. Take one topic and explain it further. Do not add multiple ideas and confuse your audience. Your writing should be very clear, and value driven. You must invest your time in explaining the topic, and make it easy and understandable. You can only explain the topic with ease if you know the topic inside out, which brings the topic of research again, and highlights it’s importance.

Verbs and Action Words Bring Engagement

Write in present tense so that your reader is engaged and highly motivated to be with your writing. Use Active voice and Action words. Try to maximize using verbs than adjectives. Hemingway App helps to get you a readership score based on the kind of words you tend to use.

At the same time, you must decide whether you need to use a lot of adjectives for a business piece? Usually it is a no. But decisions like these, sure-shot successful steps may not work for your content due to the different genre of writing. For example I cannot write with descriptive flourish for an Amazon content on eCommerce platform that requires cold hard and lean benefits in snack-able sized steps. So, it’s important to know which rules you gotta apply and let it slide.

This filter you can develop only with quantity. So read more. Research more. Write more. There is no short cut, and escape from hard work. This hard work is actually smart work, heh.

Details are Important but Don’t lose your Goal

What does that mean? When you research you find valuable insights which may not be necessary for your post. If you are writing about Amazon fire, and the destruction due to failed policies, writing about the flora and fauna of the Amazon is not right even though in your vast study it did come up. You will focus on the bit that sheds light on the political landscape and not the biological aspect of the fire. Details are important but stick to your goal, and you will write and create meaningful engaging content.

Improve your Vocabulary

Readers like to read nice sounding words that go pop and bring a visual in front of their eyes.

Trust me it’s fun to use new words.

Learn to use vibrant vocabulary and use it to it’s advantage by reading more and practicing using new words in your creative pursuits like writing and conversations.

Write for your Audience

It goes without saying but you are writing for them so write with information on what they want and present it on a golden platter which they will refuse to let go. Make your work so engaging amazing fabulous they can’t leave your writing midway. Read about cliffhanger to know more on the topic.

Give your audience intelligent thought provoking content, treat them like intellectuals and watch them give you the utmost respect and unmatched loyalty.

Create work that excites their brain. Make your readers come to you by giving them value, information they want to use, and make them feel good about spending their time on your work.

Your Style in Writing Gives an Edge

Your style consist of your sentence structure, vocabulary, words you tend to use, and the emotion aspect of your writing which stays unique. Style is as unique as thumb print but you have to work on it with regular practice. You will find your style, your voice, your signature, only when there is quantitiy involved. This unique voice that bring life into your writing – be it dry financial topic, or an enriching personal essay piece – your style of writing will win people, and get followers.

Tone, and the frequency of words, keyword density, and sentence structure. All these make up the style in your writing.

Get Your Tone Right

Tonality is the sound of your content. It’s the aesthetic aspect of your creation that gives it an identity. It gives purpose, and highlights it beautifully. Is it form of a Business Writing? Or is it a friendly article? Find your purpose and drive traffic. Figure out what is the purpose, and everything will fall into place. To get the purpose and strong CTA (Call to Action) you need to get your tone set in stone! What is your tone in writing? My three guides on tonality are available below for free.

What is Tone Part 1
Basic description and definition of Tone.
What is Tone Part 2
Leading with examples to explain Tone.
What is Tone Part 3
Diving deep into the world of Tone.

There still remains a lot of things to write on tone because it is a wonderful topic that requires more conversations and discussions. Tone is emotion in writing which is why it’s a thriving world to explore.


Too Long no time to read? Here is short snippet of the 2000 worded content engagement digest made in bite sized seven points. Read more.

  1. Headline – Spend time to get your headline right, and watch your content fly sky high.
  2. Simplify – Make complex information simple. Trust me, not many people are doing it because it is DIFFICULT.
  3. Write what you know – That way you will always have subject knowledge and provide value to your audience.
  4. Less Visuals – Don’t overdo with visuals, they can be distracting.
  5. Share Stories -First person accounts are great and so are examples.
    make it interesting to you so your audience is also interested.
  6. Read – Reading and researching will always help you get ideas and give you authority in your write up.
  7. Make it interesting – Your audience won’t find it interesting and engaging if you don’t find it interesting and engaging.

If you found the above research based content helpful, then you will also like below digest of previous how to guide take a look, comment and share your thoughts. The germ of an idea is simple. Keep Writing. But the process to writing, crystallizing the thought is where the fun is.

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Fairy Dharawat Blog How to write engaging content

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  1. As someone who browses the Reader quite a bit, I have to agree that the headline and the first two sentences are of utmost importance to draw my attention. And you have clearly demonstrated this as I’m here right now.

    Great article. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Thank you! 😀 Yes, in title and in content simplicity matters. There are a lot of articles on content engagement in the world wide web and I thought, that’s okay let me still write in my own way and style. Which is why your comment I truly appreciate it.


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