Halloween 2020

Special message on Halloween 2020!

The year had been very trying and tumultuous. Feeling of helplessness engulfed us, while took us into an introspective journey which frankly not many weren’t keen to take. This forced introspective journey made the bad thought enter our mind more often than we liked. These decisions old ones bad ones lingered long enough for us to get tormented. I am here to tell you that you don’t need to let these bad decisions define you.

Bad decisions haunt you. How long are you willing to run from decisions that keep shaping your present twisting them to fit your false narrative? Stop. This not a pep talk. This is your life. Stop thinking you cant change your life. You will change. And for the better.

Nightmares may terrorise you, but you can change them into dreams because the story of Halloween is not about the death and gore but it’s also about survival and beginnings.

I like horror genre and this is a small message to kindered spirits. May you learn to accept your demons and dark passengers with care and forgiveness because despite all the hardships you will come out stronger.

Happy Halloween!

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