Short Essay on Zombies

The truth about the horror genre is that it’s inspired by reality often heavily.

Our fascination with zombies/ undead goes long way back. The visceral body of decaying flesh stalks you and crawls for your flesh. They want to eat you. The dead wants to eat you so bad you feel you might just give up.
If dead, then why they want to eat you? The concept of being a host to a parasite makes sense and we do have several movies depicting those too. But there is a huge space for zombies in art and culture. Is it because it is detached from the living and our fascination with gore is only limited to thrill seeking adrenaline

Complete with ravaged skin and bones peeking out of their rotting skin, that’s how video games and movies tend to show zombies. And another peculiar part is they are always in a herd. There will be instances of a few stray encounters found alone but zombies are always in a pack.
Much like mob mentality that is wreaking the minorities in our society. Same story in every country I say.

Zombies are out for brains and flesh.

Humans are out for Power and Money.

Both are fueled by survival.

Humans – All they want is power.
Power over the weak.

Not very different from the zombies we tend to watch for entertainment. But art takes inspiration from reality. Our reality is we are drenched in our desire to have power. Just one thing and that’s all it matters.
Just like a zombie out there to eat your flesh. A mob wants power over you. Same, no?

Are zombies alive? or more precisely, are the undead zombies among us?
Yes, and that is the more of a horror story in our life right now that we fail to see and do everything in our power to deny.

The power hungry among us are not human, (or are they?)and out there for the flesh of the powerless. If that is not zombie then what is that? The parasitic impulse to control others is too overpowering. Maybe exercising power is all too human, and we are scared to face this depraved reality of humanity for sake of PR. That is why we brought religion. Take over with a sprinkle of godly chants. Same like intermittent grunts from our undead friend in the movies.

The reality of humanity is too horrific to face so we fine solace into the delusional grandeur of religion and mass hysteria.

Some of them go for art, and call expressing themselves as purpose.

A zombie wants your flesh
A mob mentality wants your existence.
Same I say so.
Living with zombies is one of the most terrorizing realities out there and you know what we are already living in it.

Truth is scarier than fiction.

Happy Halloween Month.

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