Farm bills in India and farmers protest

If any one has any doubt about the farm bill then do your research. Or did you forget that PepsiCo sued farmers for using potatoes?

Do your self a favor and just google that thing where a multinational global company sued a bunch of farmers for growing potatoes. Business knows profit at cost of lives. That has always been the drill. So everything else been seen right here is fog.

Especially in an agrarian country like India, farmers must remain the decision makers. Not that the last political party did a lot for the farmer since local economies are constantly crushed and lands are grabbed with political muscle.

As far as the other conversation of bribery and loophole in model we should be focussing on streamlining the process and making it better the current policy not entirely scraping it and bringing a brand new policy that can be easily twisted to favor the rich.

The real conversation is – How corporate India can help farmers from not losing their autonomy over their land, their decisions, and their lives.

You want GDPs growth and, ignore the backbone of our country?
Not a good look.
Besides, if we move away from being an agrarian country, ignore our diverse country’s rich fertile soil that is feeding the nation, and move as an industrialist country, then the food import will traumatize our country beyond measure.

We need our farmers to have autonomy in their land and grow food according to their ways. Corporate India has other ventures to look into and mobilize its resources accordingly. We need to invest in agriculture growth. We need to look into the the way of the farmers both landless farmers working on land, and women toiling hard. Giving free hand to corporate isn’t the way toward development it is contrary.

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