Winter Bones – A Poem

It’s the season to be with someone cozy and because there’s no one here’s a 100% emo poem on being lonely lost and sad with a snippet of hope in the end because it was getting too sad. If you is lonely, Winter Bones is for you.

The frosty bite of early winter binds you to past memories of togetherness as you spend your seconds and minutes your whole life just waiting for a window seat to the time with wonder and dazzling dreams that were alive and brought hope of lifetime of happy smiles and laughs.

But a mirror cracks with no glue to subdue sharp edges bleeding the dreams of past lives blistering your fingers in cold winter while you peek into the wounds the mirror holds crushing any chance of rejoice.

The past lives heavy in your dreams even your eyelids requires restful sleep. Living is too hard to go on, lonliness is not the only demon you have around. Love envy jealousy might be the same but their flourishing lives seem like a punch to your gut, an anxious hybrid monster that snatches your chance of winning the game.

Winter can be over but will your heart surrender to the beauty of life and the joy of the world. The cold world needs your warm sunshine to beam around the neightborhood and dispel the darkness that surrounds the inner and outer layer of your life. Your light can lift the lost souls and in doing so, discover the love that loves you with abandon just like you are meant to be loved.

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