WordCamp India Online 2021 | Content in Local Language | Fairy Dharawat

WordCamps plays a special part in my life, because the space gave me an opportunity to explore my potential as a public speaker. I’ve been part of the WordPress meets and events since 2016 and since then there’s no looking back. WordPress is a highly localised event giving promenience to local bodies empowering communities. I am very fortunate to share a topic on content translation which also aligns with WordPress community and I couldn’t be happier.

As I prep for the event below is the scree shots of the short power point presentation which talks about the business side of content and why they should invest in localizing their communication strategy, and hiring translators to reach more people far and wide especially in our country.

WordCamp India Online Slide 1

You can check the KPMG Report on Language Translations and it’s impact here.

I hope to have you there!

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