Turning 30

Edit –

I wrote this when I turned to a new decade and it was hell of a worriful time of what I achieved and what I didn’t and I did focus more on what I didn’t achieve. Anyways. If you are here to know how to live your 30s, I am not sure I am the best one to give you advice, I mean, explore, be kind and always be ready for adventure is what I’ll say. Oh and to take care of people you love. But you shouldn’t wait to hit 30 for that you know, heh.

Heath check up for women, now that I want to write more but I am right now struggling to take my health seriously, give what it wants in form of nutrition and care. So yes even that is important. So important.

brown icing-covered cake with lighted candles
Birthday Girl Cake

Ahhhhhh I’ve turned 30!

Endgame is a good tribute to my 20s even as I struggle to define the decade which is supposed to be the important one and it went just like that. So many squished desires, wasted time in a corporate job because you needed money and time management skills were questionable at best. 0 for work life balance.

But oh well.

Was gonna watch the movie endgame on my own, and spend the day roaming around the city like the lone ranger I am, but my friend insisted she comes with me, and it made me all teary eyed. I also cried in the movie endgame, what a fitting tribute to the decade that transformed a young lassie into an older, meaner miss know it all one, heh!

I tried many new things and also left many new things. I cried a lot, and made a few people laugh, and wrote poems and stories and what not. I lost friends, gained a few, and went through the usual stuff. They say age is just a number. Bollocks. Age reminds you how are you living because lol life is going to bite your hard ass if you ever think of taking a detour, doing things differently, away from a templat life designed for you. Age will catch up, and sometimes it make you feel lonely in the crowd.

Certainly, there are drawbacks to growing old, but you can see things clearer more than ever before, you are empathetic and kind to yourself and the douches. You are also full of love and hatred changing it depending on the situation, heh! You will own up growing old I guess.


Any regrets?
Given a chance, will you go back and change it?
What exactly do you want to change?
-Well,,,now that I am thinking about it, right at this moment,,,ummm nothing comes to mind.

I think that says it all.
A weak memory may be a big blessing.

Happy 30th Birthday, girl. Rock it.

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