Love as Scripted by Junji Itou

I love this panel from Love as Scripted, from Junji Itou. It brings art to the forefront, and replies in the same language of the one who abandoned the other in the game of love and hearts. That's also one of the reason I went for this comic and write about it today, to celebrate … Continue reading Love as Scripted by Junji Itou

What is Love – A Poem

What is love? Let's decode this thing. A lick from your dog, a kiss from your cat, a good looking stranger checking you out! It's that cute dress, that awesome game, it's wonderful pair of shoes, it's a movie marathon! What is love? Love is wholesome, love is messy, love keeps evolving when you think … Continue reading What is Love – A Poem

Writing Prompt Valentines Day Special

If you're stuck, here's something to help you along! Write the worst things possible about the love of your life - it could be your better half, your partner, your sibling, your furry friend, favorite button, best dress, comfortable shoes, stunning watch or your lucky underwear. Basically, write about the bad. Think 'Bad Romance' song … Continue reading Writing Prompt Valentines Day Special