Bees are dying

Found this highly interesting video on why the bees are dying which reminded me of a fictional character with a peculiar interest in bees. Sherlock Holmes. Which also means Conan Doyle was interested in bees. Bees are a critical part of our ecosystem and as we use more inorganic fertilizers and chemicals, bees are unable to adapt themselves as we are practically leaving them towards starvation.

Bees are dying and in some way or the other even our planet.


Avengers Endgame: Spoiler Free Review

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I was 19 when Iron Man released, the first ever movie where we realized very late about end credits which my sister pointed out. It was the first time the assembling of Avengers was ever hinted and we thought nothing of it. We watched Iron Man the entire movie again just for the end credits. But little did we think it would spawn over 20 films in 11 years. 
I don’t think you can actually write a spoiler-free review of the movie without getting personal. While I am not a fan of fandoms itself and wear t-shirts proclaiming strong allegiance to pop culture figures and worship them with wholeheartedness, I do find the capitalistic angle of superhero movies to be a little worrisome and that’s why I don’t take part in the baffling culture of hero worship. I know they are movies. At the same time, I have watched every movie, except a few (Captain America and Thor Dark World.)
 One of the biggest logical explanation that I can think about for the emotional connect with MU has to be that with each outing, they were focussed and dealt the character with honesty, a certain level of idealism which they managed to not make it cringe-worthy and yet remain adjacent to the epic story. Kudos to them for sticking to the comic script. Mostly sticking with the comic strip if I may say.
Who would’ve thought that same Marvel property that almost got bankrupt will one day take over the entertaining sector with aggressive marketing of another level at the same time deliver authentic movie experience that justified comic lovers from around the world. Hell, they turned regular folks into comic nerds late into their 20s! Yes, I am talking about me.
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Black Widow from the movie in her reflective role. Pic credit – Nerdist

While the movie has tremendous flaws it still stands. Even as they mess up crucial characters, kill with ridiculous logical explanations and fill it with bad jokes about all the wrong things with careless abandon, I have major grouse, for which I am never forgiving the Russo brothers for it. And yet. Yet the movie became a benchmark for multiple reasons which include great storytelling and groundbreaking technical aspects that basically changed our movie watching experience.
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Hulk and his transformation is epic. Image credit – Firstpost

As we bid adieu to the recent chapter of Avengers which literally saw us through the ups and downs of our lives in its eleven years, we got more invested in character arcs, their fears their small victories, and the ending credits. With each movie, we became part of the timeline waiting with bated breath on every next release. Merchandise grew, capitalism latched on its ugliness and we would still be there waiting for a next big outing. Representation matters. Be it Black Panther, the visually stunning movie about an African utopia, or totally badass Capn Marvel movie with best action choreography, the Marvel universe strived to remain inclusive. And I think that matters and it’s the reason for its phenomenal success.


Pigs have wings

Pigs have wings is by far the best Wodehouse book I can recommend right now. I say right now as there remain tons of his other books which I need to finish. The doodle is inspired by the title that has the shy 60-year-old Lord Emsworth and his prized possession the award-winning pig. If you haven’t read Wodehouse, then you’re in for a jovial ride.

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Reign of Superman Review

In the world of Batman lovers its easy to give Superman a pass. But the big guy sure is the tough one and hard to ignore. That’s why a movie showcasing high octane action sequences which kicks some serious butts in 4 new versions of Superman is sure to get your attention.

I watched the Death of Superman, the previous outing where the last Kryptonian dies, but couldn’t shed a tear though marveled at the choreography of the action sequence, and the chemistry between the JL team. But all that changed after I watched the concluding movie, the Reign of Superman.

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It also happens that my first DC Animated movie in 2019 is the Reign of Superman and well hello, colour me impressed!

Without giving out the plot line much, the movie takes off after six months of Superman’s death. As the people of Metropolis and the world get used to the death of their hero, four new versions of Superman with different personalities and fighting styles emerge bringing chaos to the city. What follows is the unlocking of this particular mystery as we the audience witness the spawning of 4 different characters in one hell of an entertaining movie.

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DC animated movies tend to be intense and this one is no different. Hollywood people take note, you don’t just need a colour palette to bring the somber mood, you need hardcore emotions and gut-wrenching plot lines to make your audiences give a damn. Reign of Superman has some serious death count and doesn’t cringe in showing blood. And that’s good. It’s an intense movie even as its bright colour palette blends between the moods of cheeriness and the sordidness. I’ll say give this one a watch.

Aquaman Review

I watched Aquaman and I liked it.

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TLDR – Too Long Didn’t Read

I enjoyed it! And DC is trying to get back into the game with full might. If we compare it with Marvel, then it is not a fair fight. And why we must do that you may ask, and the reason is that it tries to ape the competitor which honestly takes away the authenticity and essence of the character methinks. DC is serious, let’s just work with that, please.

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That smirk. Image source –

Aquaman has the best Hero’s entry

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Look at those Tats! Image source – Nerdist

The origin story is way better compared to Aquaman portrayal in the previous outing. He was way too goofy in Justice League which honestly didn’t work for the character and it didn’t work for me. I know they are going for funnier Aquaman but… meh. Compared to Aquaman’s first outing in Justice League the origin story wins hands down. It’s clever and CGI looks good. It also tries VERY hard to be funny which is also my major grouse against the movie that otherwise shines through.

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The twinkle in the eye. Image source – The wrap

Acting wise I’ll say I became a fan of Jason Momoa’s body art. His entry in the movie is one of the best I have seen in a long time. That smoldering look,  with wavy colored hair and bouncy curls, I can watch it again. But that’s where the admiration stops, mostly.

Aquaman tries hard to be hilarious

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Image source – YouTube

Jason Momoa can act, but his character is made funny for the heck of it. It has been implied he has anger issues but the scene showing his hot temperament is missing and honestly, I found him to be a 30 something fella with arrogance and a throwback to the teenage rebellion days which is also how most of the jokes are designed around the character. Yeah some may find it funny, but those will be only hormonal teenagers, and maybe the makers want to get money spending audience ( like adults) to enjoy the movie too, you know.  Thor’s last outing was smashing, and that’s what the makers of Aquaman were aiming for methinks. I think they fell short in that department. It’s slightly amusing, the antics of Arthur/ Aquaman and that’s about it.

Mega-talented William Dafoe is wasted and underutilized

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He is wasted as a good guy! Image source –

I found William Dafoe terribly underused. His on-screen creepiness persona needs to be exploited people, I mean what made the makers zero down on him as the mentor? I want him to play the terrifying crusader like a character that chills you to the bone because that man can play it like a boss. But here we are where we find him miscast as a mentorish character to guide the Aquaman and I’m like okay, alright fine.

The chemistry between Mera and Arthur feels forced

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How can two good-looking people have zero chemistry? Image source – The San Francisco Examiner

Then we have Mera, the ballsy heroine who means business and love interest for Arthur/Aquaman. She’s, of course, is the assertive one and is way too one dimensional for my taste. Yeah we get it she’s tough as nails, now show me another shade of her, please. Yea you guessed it right, their chemistry lacked heat. Amber Heard is prettiest, and Jason Momoa is whoa but together they lacks charisma, witticism and the adorable quality that makes couple popular. The makers did try to replicate cute interactions but weren’t able to harness them in the movie in the right proportions.

Can Aquaman save the Hollywood DC Movie Universe

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If you think Aquaman can salvage the DC universe then LOL no. Wonder Women did it in its own way because of plot-driven original story where the lead protagonist is equally smashing and shows a new world in bright light, but in case of Aquaman, it has too many holes for me to give it two thumbs up. Okay, you might think this is the part where I hate the movie, but NO there are some gems!

Nicole Kidman is kickass

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She’s gorgeous in the movie. Image source – Comic Book.

Nicole Kidman. Enough said. She shines in the little time she got. She’s so graceful why isn’t she making more movies? Oh boy, does she kicks ass in the movie! I was all like whoa, wait what is happening! The action scene with her, in the beginning, was amazing totally worth a second watch just for her.

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That dewy look can be achieved after kicking ass of a few assailants. Image source – Heroic Hollywood

Also the scene when she meets Arthur for the first time, well THAT is the chemistry I’m talking about. Make a movie with these two titans and you got my complete attention. Kidman plays mother to Arthur but they both look so good together that you want them to stay there a little longer. Maybe play a couple, no no DEFINITELY play a couple in love.

The villain could have been more menacing

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Image source – Polygon Also not menacing enough

Orm doesn’t look younger than Arthur!! How Patrick Wilson is playing his younger brother lord only knows. He isn’t really cold killer too. He only kills because a villain is supposed to kill someone. And that too, right in the climax. I’m waiting like when is he actually gonna do what villains do, you know. I like my villains as cold-blooded murderers, instead, Orm not only has a valid point to declare war on the surface dwellers, his presence is not strong enough compared to other stalwarts. In the end, I enjoyed the climax where at least he tries to take charge.

Black Manta was totally underutilized

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Image source – The Wrap

I found it Black Manta unnecessary in the movie. The story arc for black manta seemed way too forced and I realized that if you remove the character from the movie, it has NO influence in the entire movie progression. It’s such a huge waste. Also the character I found it underdeveloped.

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This scene was funny. Image source –

Now don’t throw the comic book at me people, you are better than that, my point being that Black Manta looks way too sleek and awesome to be reduced as a henchman with no proper conclusion to the character. It’s also one of the bigger disappointments in the story.

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Just a cool Aquaman thought to share here. And DC decided to make the movie funny, sigh. Image source – DC comics

These are some detailed ranting of the movie, but in all Aquaman deserves a one time watch. Two-time watch if you’re a fan of Nicole Kidman. And Jason Mamoa’s tats.

Ralph breaks the Internet Review

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Watched Ralph breaks the internet today which was an emotional ride. True to Disney, it touched the chord with its usual CGI awesomness that is expected from the beast the Disney corporation is. It spoke about friendship and letting your friends go which honestly made me a little tiny bit emotional and sad. You ache for the big guy, Ralfie even as you tut tut over his annoying clingyness which in the climax takes a totally different shape and size.
Growing older you realise how important friendships are and crucial to your well being that’s why a movie that deals with friends wanting new and different things can be difficult. I’ll say this, as I go over my friend list and find them growing, evolving to become fabulous people they’ve become, I do realize that we are no longer together and miss them. But that is the thing about growing apart and wanting different things and changing priority. We spent some good time together. And even that is not enough. Nothing can replace the old times seen through rose tinted glasses. And nostalgia is misleading. It often is.
I loved the movie for invoking these feelings and taking stock of your friendships in your life. How far you’ve come. Do you need to reconnect with old friends and finally materialise that old outing plan? or that is it too late to make friends? Change is constant. And so is feeling of vulnerability and strength.
Most people will tell you, making friends is HARD as you grow older. I disagree. You being a kind, emphathetic human being true to yourself and helpful considerate to others will get you good people around you. Be your friend first. I’m saying this sitting on my laptop after thinking it through. Loneliness may creep you up when 24 hours is less, and you are busy with family and work commitments, but the lonliness bug can still bite you. And that’s why spending time with yourself is essential to become your good friend. Start with a spa treatment or a watch a movie on your own, like yours truly 🙂
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Coming back to the movie, I loved the part about the princess and chemistry between the Venellope and the others were witty and chuckle-worthy. Ariel was hilarious! Watch the movie is my final take. Now I have to go back to look at important water, so that I can get some kind of musical epiphany.



The world is better when words are sharper than the edge of the sword
and our blade of peace cuts through the hatred of a war
When the lightning strikes, its blinding bright, thunder gods smile and
our worlds collide,
to form a union that’s reckless and blistering with million stars
as harmonium and electronica playing in the back, the flute is spinning some soulful tunes blasting in full volume
slaying the world, and mending our broken scars.

Blink & Miss

Blink and you will miss it
The stage set to stagger your world
The home never to return
The life worth of abuse and torment
The blackhole of my existence

Blink and you will know
What life worth fighting for is over
What words mean when your spirit dies
What dialog is necessary
What living world is torture and a lie

Blink and you will despise
My mirror and your reflection
My music and your attention
My champange and your glass
My hate and your soul

Blink and you will miss it
The stage set to stagger your world
The home never to return
The life worth of abuse and torment
The blackhole of my existence

Blink and you will know
What life worth fighting for is over
What words mean when your spirit dies
What dialog is necessary
What living world is torture and a lie

Blink and you will despise
My mirror and your reflection
My music and your attention
My champagne and your glass
My hate and your soul

Petrichor a poem

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The earth one day will swallow you whole
When the first rains will mock your existence
and death will linger on your bed sheets and sofa
and even as you run away from the freshly cut grass
that run it’s smooth tips on your feet, you’ll never remain at peace
while your friends romanticize the first rain with ecstacy
you know your ancestors are shedding their tears
because they know
the pleasant smell of petrichor is out to get you whole
and eat your soul.

Writing stuff

I write for a living. Here are some things you might find interesting. I think it’s good to keep your writing sample accessible. Also, you can browse my blog for more articles 🙂

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I do wish I get to write more of what I like, and I think that is the case with every writer :).

Makeup and Me

Makeup is an art. It’s an expression which uses several techniques to enhance and capitalize on your best feature. Ask anyone, a winged eyeliner with a perfect curve is a triumph worth boasting about while lip liner is the secret to make your lips with no smudging. Did I even mention about the light as air foundation which covers your blemishes like an invisible cloak? Or how can I forget the power of those brown things which chisels your face like a Greek God or Goddess! Makeup is an exquisite art which requires like any other art, loads of practice and patience.

I don’t use makeup.

I am lazy as a slob because getting out of bed is sometimes an effort.

I love colours and drawing, and doodling so it shouldn’t be a surprise I like makeup, just I don’t like it on my face, because I will be so consious of it, and now that I have lived long without using it, it would feel a bit alien. I still love lipstick, and I dream of having a pouty sparkling pink bring magic to my tulip-y lips, crimson red adorn for my smoldering lips and gothic black decorate and dramatize my lips, but later more on that, because I will digress a little on a problem. Or rather the problem I have with make up.

Yeah testing on animal is a big issue for me so I scout only for non tested products which is Lotus, New York and Chambor (still need more reference for this)

My problem…

Let me rephrase it, my BIGGEST problem is the way make up is depicted in ads. It is such a putoff.

The ads  make me feel horrible and miserable for not using their products. Make me think as dull and uninteresting because their ads are packed with excitement and crazy fluff stuff.  Why I’m ranting?

Because I can’t even watch a song/video without these terrible ads pickpocketing whatever little confidence I have. And here I was because I just wanted to listen to some songs. I hate you, ad people.

But really ad people you guys have taken over the internet. Stop.