Marcos Wylde Mess Rage Delete

Writing about a very charming guy with nefarious intentions and manipulative ways. If you love like the guy please sit this one out, because this is my story and I don't have time for those defending him you can be his friend, lover what ever, I don't want to hear from you taking his side.

Marcos Wylde Mix Tape

He would want me to listen to his music and I had to listen and I wished I could say no but I didn't. He would really insist me to listen his music. I would think he liked me but wrong I was and how. He kinda hates me too much. If the song is not made for you, thumb rule is don't listen. Save your precious time. Anyways the mix tape of this man continues. As usual sit this one out if you love or like the guy as I got no time to listen. He's toxic tornado who didn't wish me well often giving me anxiety.