Finding Liberty – A 500 Word Short Story on Freedom

alley photography of walkway during daytime

Every night Kittu used to get a nightmare where she used to run in a dark alley screaming.  She used to wake up to the sound of her alarm for school.

After meeting school counselors, there was nothing to point out why her nightmares persisted. Stress on studies was one of the reasons, but Kittu was fairly a bright student. Her parents and even teachers were worried about her. Every day she will wake up with her heart pounding.

One fine day, her regular session at the school counseling suggested to face the one who she was running from. But Kittu said that she was petrified of facing the opponent and hence have been running all this time. For now that is all you can do, see what is bothering you. it can be only you who can know for sure.

She decided that night to face the one who was following her. She was afraid but determined. As she slept, a dream started shaping up. In her dream now she was aware, something which was never the case before.

Now her legs started running.

She did not know why but she was running.

She was not scared until now.

She kept running or rather jogging.

Then she heard a voice. A faint sinister voice.

Her jogging started in to a run.

Now her heart was beating fast.

She did not stop though, and her pace was increasing, and so was increasing the faint noise which turned out to be a yell a loud yell of a girl.

Kittu  thought she was sweating but she couldn’t she is in a dream right. that’s when she decided. She decided to stop. It took some time to stop her legs and stand.

The yell also stopped. And then she woke up. Today her heart was not thumping. But she felt curious. Why did she did not heard the yell when she wanted to know who was the one yelling. She was not scared at all that day and her parents were happy that now their child is cured of all the nightmares she used to get all this time.

She went to the counseling and told her curious tale about wanting to know who was yelling and when she thought she would get to know who it was, she woke up.

The dream or nightmare has stopped since.

The counselor was lost in thought and then said after some time, I think it has to do something with the fact that the more you got scared, the more you ran.

When you decided to stop and face, the fear then died down.

There is no other meaning which currently one can come up with. You are free from your fear because you decided to face your fear.

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