Turning 32 Birthday Poem

Hey there! I wrote a short rhyming poem on turning 32. I enjoyed writing it hope you enjoy reading too 🙂

I’ve written prose on entering my 30s and if you want to read about them you can go here – turning 30 and here and here – turning 31.

I will write a prose too but I wanted to have fun so wrote this little rhyming poem on turning 32.

cake on tray

Please mourn with me as I look the same and turn 32
my shadow is turning sinister do you notice it too?

I tried to be hot and but it’s HARD
It’s true you don’t know where to start

You gotta be confident, socially acceptably thin
Too many battles you gotta win

have money to splurge on the expensive
while knowing the ins and outs of brow pencil

I don’t know I can be all this and more to climb social ladder
The only thing to be working for me is that I am a writer

Maybe I can write to influence the masses
through my thoughts and by reading with my purple glasses

With surmised well read articles on fiction and philosophy to become an influencer,
There must be something where I can be a winner

Now that I think of it I must give it a shot
Wait. But to become a successful influencer you gotta be confident and smokin hot,
if you remember me sayin at the beginning its hard to be hot

So please mourn with me I turn the opposite of hot and 32
I’m mostly miserable so now I should get away with occasional debauchery too

Consider donating to a cause close to you on your birthday. If you like me please donate a little the world can use a little help right now because your little help goes a long way.

Some of the writing thing I do can be seen here too.

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chocolate cake topped with roses and doughnuts


Thank you!

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