What Makes People Laugh?

These are two personal experiences where I laughed out loud for real and wanted to share how the jokes that we enjoy are funny only to the people involved than to everyone. 

Funny is subjective and while I am not the funniest person in the room, I know some funsies were had and was able to capture these not so gentle moments for you to see.

Image from the internet
  1. My colleague and me were working overtime when she began complaining that her mother is going to call her any minute now and will yell at her as she keeps getting late. After almost two hours of complaining, she gently picked up her phone and mumbled, oh my mum hasn’t called yet. I laughed so hard, that I cried. May be it was stress and boredom, but I laughed hard.
  2. Me and my sister were talking when she remembered her ex best friend who was pregnant, and how their relationship is no more. As she was going into details, I interrupted by saying, her baby is going look ugly. We both laughed and that was that.

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