Blood Red Sky Movie Review

Loved it! You keep thinking you know what will happen but are still glued to the seat till the very end. An entertaining film with equal dose of action and thriller the movie has some surprising events up its sleeve that delights. You are invested enough till the very end, and that is a feat for any thriller horror movie. Always loved movies inside airplanes and the claustrophobic ambience which lends a sense of gloom and doom and this one delivers a solid A-game.

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Blood Red Sky the name itself is self explanatory about what to expect and still it has some good tricks up its sleeve to give horror thriller fans and especially vampire fans some good dose of fun. The title might be cheesy but the movie is a rocking entertainer with some cool action sequences and unassuming plotline that delights in pieces and in whole.

The movie also known as Transatlantic 473) is a an action horror film directed by Peter Thorwarth, who co-wrote the screenplay with Stefan Holtz, is a treat to watch The film stars Roland Møller, Peri Baumeister, Chidi Ajufo and Alexander Scheer, and let me tell you the stars are all right and they fit their roles like its made for them. This Netflix movie is a gem if you like horror thrillers and airplanes movies with a generous dose of emotional scenes that tug your hearts.

In the movie a lethal well organized group of terrorists hijacks an overnight transatlantic flight, and an ill woman must do everything in her power, including unleashing her monstrous side, to protect her son.

Peri Baumeister as the mother is wonderfully cast in this movie and she plays the mother and a vampire with amazing ease. She aptly plays the pain and takes the movie on her shoulders very well to give the movie a touch of vulnerability and strength in the otherwise blood soaked adventure full of heartless humans. The of losing someone is indescribable and this movie does that with a few shots and you are taken aback with how the scene transitions from sadness to gruesome kills. The back story and the changing scenes are done with flourish, while the mind of the mother to save her child in terrifying conditions are expertly executed.

There is one scene where a very rich man is lay dying, and he is responsible for catastrophe and it took me to the reality of our world right now and that is so true. Insanely rich people billionaires are the worst, and this movie shows them just what they are in it’s glory.

What worked for me was the seamless combination of two major elements; lone mother working hard to take care of her son and surviving the terrorist takeover. These two things are beautifully showcased to tell you that while the vampirism is the heart of the movie with the protagonist going through the transformation, the strong bond between mother and son is captured stunningly well and it shows.

Raising kids is hard, and in just one or two scenes that is spectacularly shown and your heart aches for the protagonist. The actor don’t have much to say but she is very emotive and the backstory gives great insight on the characters motives and where she comes from and what happened. When the movie relies more on the visual aspect without dialogs you know that it is made well. The shots are beautiful and the snowclad mountains in the first few minutes of the movie steals the show. Acting is good, cinematography is good, the dynamics between characters is one for delight. You don’t know what will happen next as this character driven story shows the change in chemistry between the group of terrorists pretty well with their motivation clear and yet they seem to surprise you the audience.

Motherhood is tough and to make a movie and combine the troubles of raising a kid alone with a strange monstrous disease and the pain is wonderfully captured, and I think that combined with action packed sequence with some very gruesome shots of killing passengers in cold blood keeps the atmosphere tense. The action starts from the first few minutes itself and you’re already in and know characters and rooting for them from the start.

The movie ties itself in the end very well and that’s why it is wholesome and a fitting end to the story, surely its not all happy but a satisfactory one. Your heart aches in the last few scenes also while saying wtf as things rapidly happen and misunderstanding emerge which again you the audience don’t know how it will play out. Thats the beauty of horror thrillers, they imitate life to give you a piece of art that dwells in the consciousness of our lives, and it is as unpredictable as it is beautiful.

Give this one a watch and let me know what you think of Blood Red Sky.

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