Turning 31

My birthday post I've grown so much in these past 6 years, it feels like an era a decade. 20s are behind. But 30s are looking good. Yesterday I turned 31 years old. Celebrating Birthday in a lock-down meant mixed feelings, the uncertain future prospects, the state of our surroundings, and an existential fatigue. But … Continue reading Turning 31

Rant of a 30 Year Old

The reason of being scared concerned for turning 30 is that so many things I haven't done. Comparatively I have done a lot. But 20s just went barely trying to survive. The friendships didn't turn out to be life long you know and that was bad enough. Knowing precisely where you goofed up means forgiving … Continue reading Rant of a 30 Year Old

Birthday post – Turning 30 Avengers Endgame Spoiler-free Review

Avengers Movie 2019 I was 19 when Iron Man released, the first ever movie where we realized very late about end credits which my sister pointed out. It was the first time the assembling of Avengers was ever hinted and we thought nothing of it. We watched Iron Man the entire movie again just for … Continue reading Birthday post – Turning 30 Avengers Endgame Spoiler-free Review