Best Bookshelf Ideas to Decorate Living Rooms

While book hoarders would agree there is not enough space to store their beloved collection, there are quite a few options to jazz up your book cabinets by going for wall book shelves in dazzling designs. Give your living room a makeover by checking out these book shelves which uplift your living room decor.

Alone in Bistro

As covid-19 grips our lives, bringing us face to face with urban loneliness I tried digging deep in my soul and brought this piece which I didn't feel like sharing because I found it too much out there, extra and attention seeking. Now that pangs of loneliness in the lockdown is trickling in, I am a little kinder to that part of me, and sharing one time when I was alone in bistro.

Ryokan by Junji Ito

A father abandons his family, makes them leave their house by manually digging a hole in the middle of their home, the father is obsessed to create an inn. This comic is funny, but also mirrors many facets of the fathers in our pop culture notebook, and yes also in our lives and reality.