‘You belong in any room you enter’ – Shonda Rhimes. Way to live by these words.

woman standing on mountain near body of water

‘You belong in any room you enter’ says Shonda Rhimes, author & television writer.
What a wonderful way towards gaining confidence.

I’ve entered way too many rooms feeling way out of place way too many times.

Be it the time covering press conferences writing notes and questions to ask the ceos
Or be it in a cafe in early days of socialising and didn’t want to spend monies on coffee and food, while feeling misplaced
Or be it an artsy area with rich folks where I don’t get the urban chatter, pop culture references
Or be it a hall where I am about to give a lecture on writing or illustrations

I’d write, draw and create to diverge the conversation away from me to my creations.
It’s all good, and cheerful only when it’s not. It’s red alert when you start questioning your worth in finicky items.

Building confidence is HARD. Losing confidence is EASY because a small jibe can peel away a thin layer of confidence, you just never realise it missing until its too late. Ignorance is NOT bliss, ignorance is hurtful of highest order!
But it is never too late to start small steps towards building you.

Just enter a room and feel like you belong there. Library, kitchen, artsy place, 5-star restaurant. Pick up that scary intense book you think is too smarts for you, hold your head high in artsy spaces, cook that complicated meal, let the waiter dressed better than you serve your meal as you devour like a *neanderthal. Act like you belong any room you choose to enter. I am sure as hell doing that. One room at a time.

*I’m a klutzy, messy eater and it’s okay.

A short google search gives you this result which I think can be so much better and not gendered. Go through it, and own it. Own the room you walk in to because yes you belong there 🙂

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